My work in Portugal


Primary school

Working in the primary school in Odemira with the technic of paintflow is fun and stimulating. The kids are tired and loud in the afternoon. But they realy enjoy the possibilty of free expression and free choice of working tools and colours. It shows in their process and in their paintings.

Women's prison

Working in the Women's prison in Odemira was a great challenge and opportunity for my personal growth. I was fascinated to see the desire of expression in the women and it was eye opening seeing common topics like love, sadness & family popping up in their paintings.


Further it was a great pleasure to help organizing the exhibition that showed their work in October 2023 in CACU in Odemira.




starts on Thursday 11.April24

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Passionately I facilitate paintflow' and 'collage' courses.


They both take place in a friendly well-prepared space, where everything is dedicated to entering a creative flow experience.

You get started and if you need anything, from advice to fresh water, I am there to support you, to help you to find out what is needed.


Through focusing on the process, the result becomes less important.

Also no experience or technique is needed.

This helps to let go of any expectations to create something that you might have.

A playful and joyful approach can be experienced in a quiet working atmosphere.

The focus of these courses is on self-awareness.

I' m looking forward to hearing from you.


Art therapy for children and adults

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Common topics

Resource activation-Finding perspectives

Behavioral problems-Coping with stress

Relationship problems-Crisis intervention

Coping with an illness-Grief processing

What is art therapy?

Art therapy offers us a protected framework in which we can gain personal experience with creative materials (liquid paint, paper and collage material) and under professional supervision.

The playful use of liquid paint and other materials enables an individual approach, in which inner limits can be experienced and expanded.

Art therapy creates a space in which to try out new things and process what has already happened.

The work created in the process reflects the personal expression of current feelings and actions.

About me

I grew up in the beautiful nature of the Odenwald in Germany. 

After graduating in Cologne, I decided to work independently as an art therapist and educater in free art.

I have always been working with people of all ages artistically and art therapeutically in different clinical, educational or free art settings.

In 2015 I fell in love with Portugal after visiting the south-west. Since then, this piece of land with its magical hills, friendly people and beautiful Atlantic coast has become my new home where I gratefully live with my family.

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